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I am very excited to announce that today we published the Prime Number pattern discovery which has been proven to hold to infinity. This is a landmark achievement and I would really like to acknowledge all the contributors on the paper (see Acknowledgements on page 7).

  1. Daniele Struppa PhD (Applied Mathematics and CEO Chapman Univ.)

  2. Talal Ghannam PhD (Math/Physics)

  3. Menas Kafatos PhD (Quantum Physics)

  4. Nassim Haramein

  5. Amira Val Baker PhD (Astrophysics)

  6. Scott Brown MSci

  7. John Wsol

  8. Naman Bhandari

  9. Alex Asdourian

This is very exciting for me as my first publication in the field of Mathematics and Number Theory. It is intended to be the first of a series of (many) upcoming publications related to Unified Mathematics complementing the Unified Physics model. I strongly believe these Number Theory advances will open new doorways if understanding for our world and enable many new technologies spanning the spectrum EMGR (Electro-Magneto-Gravito-Radiation) with far-reaching implications in the fields of mathematics, physics and cryptography among others.

In addition to the work herein, the Holy Grail of Prime Number challenge has been to create a prediction equation of Prime numbers emergence. Until last night, though many (all over the world) have tried, no one had cracked this Prime prediction equation.

As a result of the above publication effort and a lot of contemplative thought on the plane, I just cracked it on my flight to Paris…like the Prime Number pattern itself, it is beautifully simple. We will test the equation (to Infiniti) tonight and tomorrow but stay tuned…I am very confident it will provide the FIRST predictive model for Primes to infinity (at least in this aeon).

You can read the entire paper here:
… and here: …

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