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Just how similar are the Pyramids on the Teotihuacan Plateau compared to the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau?

I posted yesterday regarding the direct correspondences of 432 to the Giza Plateau Pyramids, demonstrating that the Great Pyramid has a side length of 432 Long Cubits as well as the Khafre Pyramid which has a side length of 216 meters (432/2) and Menkaure Pyramid also being 216 ft in Height among many, many other correspondences do 432… what about the Teotihuacan Pyramids?

In addition to having an identical configuration related to Orion’s Belt (Orion Constellation), the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon appear to have several 432 correspondences also, WITH SEVERAL of the MEASUREMENTS precisely identical to the Giza Plateau values……

Teotihuacan Plateau

Pyramid of the Sun:

Height: 216 ft (Identical to the Height of Menkaure (Giza) Pyramid)
Half Base: 378 ft / 216 Long Cubits
Full Base: 432 Long Cubits (also the same as the Base of the Great Pyramid)
Slope Angle: 32.4° (a 432 numerical permutation)

Pyramid of the Moon:

Height: 43.2 meters
Half Base: 240.5 ft
Full Base: 481.24 ft (Identical to the Height of the Great Pyramid), derived as {(1/432)*10^8}^.5 = 481 ft Slope Angle: 16.41°

These compelling correspondences, stretching thousands of miles (and purportedly thousands of years and entirely disparate measurement systems), not to mention a massive cultural and distance separation, just cannot be ignored.

Isn’t it time to rewrite our history and turn academia literally upside down to find the truth of our history?