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A must-watch video for anyone wanting to unravel the mystery of the Pyramids on the Giza Plateau and their relationship to the enigmatic (Tetractys) number of 432. Well done Larry Pahl [ @sagesilent ]

This advancement of understanding the significance of 432 as a key measure stems from my recent discovery: ALL THREE GIZA PYRAMIDS CORRESPOND DIRECTLY TO 432 (The Thoth Constant/Pythagorean Tetractys Number!).

This also points to the central planning of all three Pyramids on the Plateau and likely suggests the coordinated timing of their construction. It also demonstrates that the builders used the Royal Egyptian Cubit (1.718 ft) as well as the Egyptian Long Cubit (1.75 ft) in addition to BOTH the Meter and the Foot. See Alan Green’s CPAK 2016 video for more regarding Ancient Egyptian Metrology. It is also interesting to note that the geo-coordinates of the Great Pyramid: 29.9792458°N and 31.1342°E match perfectly the speed of light and ALSO correlate to the number 432. The Latitude to 299,792,458 meters/sec = C and (=1/144(10^6)*432) AND the Longitude corresponds to 31.1342°/360° = .0864 (=2*432).

Great Pyramid (Long Cubits)
Mer‘–Light; Mer is the Ancient Name of the Great Pyramid and Mer means LIGHT–(Apis)Bull Mountain

Height: 275 Long Cubits (432*7/11)
Half Base: 216 Long Cubits (432/2)
Full Base: 432 Long Cubits (432)
Apothem: 350 Long Cubits (432/1.234)
Base Perimeter: 1,728 Long Cubits (432*4)
Base Area: 186,624 Long Cubits (432^2)
Right Triangle Height: 170 Long Cubits
Slope Angle: 51.849°
Side Indentation: 1.86624 Long Cubits (432*.00432)

Khafre Pyramid (Meters)
Ka‘–Spirit. Ka is associated with the Spirit and Cows.

Height: 144 Meters (432/3)
Half Base: 108 Meters (432/4)
Full Base: 216 Meters (432/2)
Apothem: 180 Meters (432/2.4)
Slope Angle: 53.13°
Apex°: 36.87°
Base Perimeter: 864 Meters Right Triangle Height: 86.4 (432*2)
Right Triangle Area: 7,776 (=6^5) (432*18). Fifth Dimension

Menkaure Pyramid (Feet)
Ba“–Body (“Ba”-dy). Associated with the Soul (Body + Spirit = Soul)

Height : 216 Feet (432/2)
Half Base: 172.8 Feet (432*4)
Full Base: 345.6 Feet (432*8)
Full Base Area: 119,439.36 feet (432*276.6)
Apothem: 276.6 Feet (432/1.5618)
Right Triangle Area: 18,662.4 Feet (C) (432^2)/10
Slope Angle: 51.34°
Side Indentation: 1.492 Feet (Platinum Ratio 432*(8*432)/10 Right Triangle Height: 134.93 Feet
(2 and 2/3^5)