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From Gabriel Lyrio of Light Is Consciousness:
“On the birthday of Benoit Mandelbrot & Nassim Haramein (coincidentally), me and Robert Edward Grant had an amazing meeting. We talked about Robert’s courses,”The Etymology of Number” and “The Language of Light”, about his book “Philomath” and many interesting ideas concerning mathematics, geometry and its relationship with physics and psychology through the lenses of ancient Pythagoreanism, Platonism, Alchemy and Hermeticism. We also talked about Fractal Science Institute, which was created by me and my friend Tiago Braga creator of the page Geometria Sagrada. For those who still don’t know, my name is Gabriel Lyrio, I am brazilian, 27 years old, and I am the creator of Light is Consciousness. Everything I do in my life relates to teaching the science of resonance and fractals, not only in physics but also in psychology. I hope you guys enjoy this beautiful message and understands the meaning of geometry, mathematics, vibration, and its relationships between the “Law of Connection” which was taught by the end of the video. I send you this message of truth and unity with all of my heart.”

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