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(11.2.20): The Flower of Life Informs a Ratio-Based Measurement System as an inherency of its circular-wave intersections–NATURE’S RULER. I encourage you to try this at home! As my initial (Bold Vertical Line At Center) Diameter measurement is 4 inches, each of the other measures are likewise in inches (inches can of course be substituted for any measurement system). As you will note, the very simple intersecting lines (intersecting with the bolded Horizontal Line at the base of my original 4 inch Vertical Diameter) of each of the Flower of Life Circles INFORM the precise location of each One Unit demarcation. These line intersections will also inform another method of Integer Factorization, as with only one starting value (Any Diameter Value), we can now derive the precise locations of whole integer Pythagorean Right Triangles and their respective side values by using the Flower of Life and its higher and lower ‘fractals’ forms…..C+A = Factor1; C-A = Factor2. (C+A)*(C-A) = B^2.

Try it out!