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“Claiming to have the first quantum-resistant NFT platform in the world, Crown Sterling is making waves in this ever-growing industry. In this exclusive interview, Maria Debrincat invites Robert Grant, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Crown Sterling to shed more light on this leading brand in personal data sovereignty.

Take us through your journey as Founder and CEO so far, how did you get started and where are you heading?

I’ve spent over 25 years of my career as an entrepreneur founding and leading companies in healthcare, blockchain, cleantech, encryption, advanced cybernetics, and fintech industries, but I’ve always been into mathematics. I’m currently Chairman and Managing Partner of Strathspey Crown LLC, and author of the best-selling book in number theory and geometry, Philomath.

My recent work in mathematics and geometry has been particularly associated with cryptography and compression, which has evolved into Crown Sterling. In 2018, we published a paper on predicting prime numbers infinitely and accurately with a new type of number discovery called quasi-primes.

Implications of this discovery further emphasised the need for an information theory-based encryption method that does not depend on assumptions about the computational resources of an attacker (and therefore is quantum-resistant), in contrast to conventional encryption protocols relying on prime numbers and number theory. Our encryption products employ irrational numbers and machine-learning algorithms to overcome this vulnerability, and we’ve engineered a scalable utility for One-Time Pad (OTP) encryption, the only mathematically proven, unconditionally secure encryption algorithm.”

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