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(2.18.2021): The Royal Egyptian Cubit (0.523598 meters) multiplied by the Radian (572°56’100” -which converts from a compass value into a decimal value of 57.296 (1 Radian)*10^4–See conversion calculator below demonstrating accuracy to the Radian to 1/1000th of 1 degree) = The Speed of Light–‘C’: 299,792 km/sec).

The Royal Egyptian Cubit is derived as π/6 meters and Euler-1 in feet. It is also the precise Arc length of 30° of Arc of a circle with 1 meter as its Radius….a 1 meter Pendulum swinging 30° of Arc will traverse precisely 0.523598 meters (1.718 feet in PRECISELY 1 Second of TIME). The Speed of Light/Cubit both share a unit value of 1/Second. Therefore, 1 Radian is an inverse time measurement, or perhaps even ‘Rotational Degrees’/Second for reflected photons riding Electromagnetic Wave Perturbations. Further, the Royal Egyptian Cubit is widely recognized as the standard unit of measure used to construct the Great Pyramid of Giza/Rostau.

Just how advanced were the builders or is this all just some random coincidence?