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Following some further refinements to the correspondences and adding elements of prior work, my research (over many years) appears to be converging toward a ‘Singularity’, and thus, I have renamed it ‘Singularity Convergence Theory.’ This work forms an awareness ‘nexus’ that appears to connect Number Theory, Geometry, Music Theory (including ‘Precise Temperament Tuning’), Astrology, Alchemy, Chemistry, Physics, and Cycles of Time into ONE Singular understanding, albeit perceived from different perspectives (by each observer), as fractional divisions of the number One.

Based on the direct correspondences, the illusion of separation and ‘differentiated experience/s’ seem to be the result of limited (both narrow and fractional) and polarized viewpoints/biases of all observers. The cumulative sum of these fractional (polarized) perspectives is the number 1; the collective Consciousness of the ONE.

Periodic Elements image is by Walter Russell
Flower of Life drawing is by Leonardo da Vinci