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The Alchemy of the Arts and Sciences; from Formless to Form; Abstraction to Concretion; Logos to Pathos; Mentalism to Materialism; Masculine to Feminine; Simplicity to Complexity; Life to Death (A and Ω); Commencement to Completion.

The disciplines of the Logos: Mathematics to Geometry (Applied Mathematics); Geometry to Physics (Applied Geometry); Physics to Chemistry (Applied Physics); Chemistry to Biology (Applied Chemistry); Biology to Psychology (Applied Biology); Psychology to Sociology (Applied Psychology); Sociology to Philosophy (Both Applied Sociology and Applied Mathematics).

Disciplines of the Pathos:
Poetry to Music; Music to Architecture; Architecture to Design; Design to Sculpture; Sculpture to Theater; Theater to Dance; Dance to Painting; Painting to Poetry.

From Mental to Physical to Emotional to Spiritual.

Artwork by RG.

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