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NEW DISCOVERY (8.18): The Da Vinci (with the Euler # as its Area) Square Mirrors-Matches the Angles of Incidence of the Octagon.

In my particle physics model of number theory outlined in PHILOMATH, the number 8 represents LIGHT. In this case the Square and the Circle combine to form a Triangle (the 10:24:26 Triangle–recall the Infinite Sum (1/24); Infinite Product (1/624) and the Infinite Difference (1/26)). As I had written last year I had found that e/π = LIGHT which is equal to (C(miles)-1)*10^-5, {where C = 1.86×10^5}. AND NOW WE FIND that the overlapping Euler Square on to of the π Circle actually does result in the proportions of the Octagon (the number 8) = LIGHT.

And one more thing: this discovery also informs YET ANOTHER way to Construct the Da Vinci Construction Box (and therefore Squaring the Circle Three Ways) with NO MEASUREMENTS, using only Compass and Straight Edge Construction.