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MAJOR (RE)DISCOVERY: THE DIRECTIONAL ‘COMPASS’ IS TIME’S TRUE MEASUREMENT TOOL”. I believe that this is my most seminal work thus far, illustrating how TIME, gravity/radiativity and Consciousness are inseparably entangled through the Universal language of Mathematics, Geometry and Music.

Time is a fractal of consciousness. It is measured using the sexigesimal (Base 60) system. The system is intended to be used with a Directional Compass, the ‘extended’ Clock required to understand its fractals. The Directional Compass possesses 360 degrees (like any circle) and has 60 minutes for each degree and 60 seconds for each minute. Therefore, 360x60x60. The ‘Extended’ Clock has 360 degrees, 21,600 minutes and 1,296,000 seconds.

The above separations create demarcations of TIME-Space. The Compass has been used to orient us in Space for thousands of years. Historically, we credit the Chinese with the usage of the first rudimentary compass, however, the mathematical system of its creation clearly far predates this (at least as far as our most ancient recorded civilization: The Sumerians).

Using the Compass to track time reveals very fundamental and interesting points of knowledge related to our perception of TIME, per the following:

1. Each turn of the cycle represents 15 Days or approximately half of a Month (“Moonth”). This is therefore representative of a Sine-Cosine relationship for each Month.

2. One day is represented by 24 hours (12 Hours (Horus) for Day and 12 for Night).

3. One year is 24 1/3 turns of the Compass: 365 days. It takes three years to complete a “meta” cycle (where there is no remaining fraction toward completion). Therefore one “Meta” cycle of the Compass of Time is 73 Fifteen Day cycles. (Incidentally, 73 is an up fractal of the Fine Structure Constant: 0.00729735 with a reciprocal value of 137.03599). Additionally, there are 292 cycles in 12 years (or 4 completions of the “Meta” cycles referenced above.

4. The fractals extend in both directions (Past and Future) from the moment of “To-Day” (this 24-hour demarcation). These extensions use the sexigesimal system in both directions (again Base-60 cycles). Therefore, note the chart below with fractals of time based on 60s toward the Past and Future. 24×60 = 1,440 Minutes; x60 (or 1/60th of a 24-Hour Day) = 86,400 Seconds (1/3600th of a Day); x60 = 5.184M (1/60th of a Second and therefore 1/216,000th of a Day); 311.040M (1/3600th of a Second and therefore 1/1.296M of a Day); x60 = ending the scale reference here at 1/777,600,000th of a Day (1.86624 x 10^10 (18.6624B time units = 1/216,000th of a Second). Note that 1.86624 x 10^5 = the nearest whole number squared approximation for Light Speed in Miles/Second (432^2 = 186,624). The “Mile” as a measurement in the sexigesimal system also holds its earliest references to Ancient Sumer.

5. Looking in the opposite direction now (Future instead of Past fractals) yields the following incredible symmetry: One Day x60 (a simple reciprocal 1/x value) = 60 days, x60 = 3600 days; x60 = 216,000 days (approx 600 (360-day cycles) years); x60 = 12,960 days (approx 36K years); and x60 again = 777,600 days (2,160 years—the approximate length of “AEON” (one zodiacal transition) on the Precessional Cycle of 25,920 years). Note the obvious symmetry of the above Numbers extending both backward and forward in TIME scale fractals. Therefore, we can think of the “Now” or “To-Day” as the center or Still-Point with each Wave expansion fractal extending as 60x or 1/60x: 0 (Now): 60x and 1/60x; 3600x and 1/3600x; 216,000x and 1/216,000x; 12,960,000x and 1/12,960,000x; and 777,600,000x and 1/777,600,000x. See the lower left “Table”. You will recognize the above values and their doubled (Sine Cosine extensions) in both the Sumerian King’s List as well as the 25,920 (Eg: 12,960 x 2; 2,160 x 12; 216 x 2 = 432, etc) year Precessional Cycle

6. TIME is an equation Pi/W(Omega)+(e-1) = 137.5 (also the Golden Angle). 137.5°/360°= 0.381; Adding ONE to this value = 1.381…..the approximate Age of the Universe is 1.381 x 10^10 years old.

7. The Gravitational Constant (6.67408 x 10^-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2) relates to all of these numbers very intimately: G/86,400 (seconds/Day) = (Pi^.5)-1. 1,440 (mins/Day)/G = 216 (there are 2,160 years in an AEON); 24 (Hours/Day)/G = 3.6 (360° fractal expression). Please note all the other equations in the middle of the Geometry: G/3.33 = 5.00 (Pentagon); G/6.66 = 1.00; G/3 = (phi(360))/10^2; G/(phi/10) = 108, the list goes on and on. It appears that Gravity (6.67) brings order (“Syn”tropy) back from disorder.

8. There appears to be an Oscillation between 15 and 24 (both with digital root values = 6). 15 (54,000 compass seconds) and 24 (86,400 compass seconds; also the Number of Seconds in One Day, = (Diameter of the Sun in Miles)/10…..also the Diameter of Jupiter in Miles. Also the Pyramid Angle (51.84° = 7.2^2) shows up prominently as well regarding its Compass value: = 186,624 Seconds; 432^2 and Light Speed in Miles/Second. Note that 54,000 is 0.625 of 86,400 and 86,400/54,000 = 1.6 (both 0.625 and 1.6 are the boundary conditions of Fibonacci (phi Numbers).

9. All of the Prominent Compass Positions are Digital Roots reducing to 9 and majority of which are prominent hertz frequencies in Pythagorean Just Tuning (I also published a paper on this earlier this year and the direct correspondence of Pythagorean 432Hz and the Perfect Fifth and it can be found on my website. You will note the Prominent Compass segmentations and the Musical Note chart include the following: 54; 108; 216; 324; 432; 648; 864; 5,184; just to name a few. These numbers are all fundamental to the Compass Measurement of TIME.

All in all, the Compass is the perfect instrument to measure TIME in my opinion. TIME and Space have already been proven to be inseparable; we use the Directional Compass to measure Space; why not also TIME? I mean, we use TIME prominently to measure Space (miles per hour; meters per second, etc)…..should we be looking at this in a different way altogether? One thing is definitely clear: our TIME measurement system is beyond GENIUS, the complexity of understanding (of multiple disciplines) and the distillation down to incredibly beautiful simplicity is truly astounding. The system also clearly integrates Light Speed and Consciousness in an interconnected web of Observation……And all of this came from the world’s (supposed) oldest civilization (Sumer)? BTW, The Universe is Expanding almost 10% faster than originally posited which was already near Light Speed…..hmmm