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A 500-Year MYSTERY SOLVED TODAY: Albrecht Dürer’s mysterious and unnamed Polyhedron (represented in his renaissance masterpiece ‘Melencholia’ which also conceals a MASK on one of the pentagonal faces) made up of SIX irregular Pentagons along side two equilateral triangles (8 sides in total).

Albrecht Dürer, a Polymath, is often referred to as the Leonardo Da Vinci of the north–Germany. He was known to be an expert in perspective Geometry, a mentee of Luca Pacioli (also in direct contact with Leonardo Da Vinci); Pacioli co-authored the masterpiece work in perspective geometry called “Divine Proportione” with Leonardo. Durer’s structure integrates elements of both ‘Five-ness’ (Pentagon) and ‘Six-ness’ (Hexagon) into one very unique Polyhedron has been the subject of centuries of investigation, it has been widely believed to be an encryption for the Philosopher’s Stone–Attainment of the 34th Degree (Magic Square pictured), The Philosopher’s Stone: The God-Man/Ideal Human (Vitruvian Hu-man).

Like Da Vinci, Dürer was a Rosicruscian….the Dürehedron encodes the Great Pyramid Slope (51.84°) in the inner angles of its SIX irregular Pentagonal sides yielding two perfect Pyramid side faces within the the Pentagons (alongside two equilateral triangles). It also hides the “Heart” within its irregular Pentagons which also uniquely encode Pythagorean Just Tuning frequencies (A: 54hz (126–recall VM upper right corner “126”), C#: 540hz, D: 288hz, and C: 63hz, the ‘α’ mathematical constant, the Ω constant, φ^2, and the prime-number related ratio of 1.24x. Among the many similarities: the ‘Hexapentakis’ related hidden message of expanded awareness.

In addition to the decryption above, I also found the Dürehedron as an inherent structure within Metatron’s Cube/The Flower of Life. Dürer’s ultimate symbolism and meaning behind the encryption? ‘Raise the Heart/Pathos/Feminine (Pentagon)-Brain/Logos/Masculine (Hexagon) Consciousness to achieve the Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone-The next evolution in Human Awareness.