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The World’s First Concert Piano tuned to 432.081hz Precise Temperament Tuning!

In July of 2020, I discovered and proposed (and posted first on IG) a novel musical tuning temperament I named ‘Precise Temperament Tuning’ in A5 = 432.081hz. The tuning method proposed was derived entirely geometrically using the mathematical perfection of 3/2 for the Perfect Fifth and 2^1/3 for the Major Third intervals. While 3/2 is a Pythagorean ‘Just’ Tuning Interval, 2^1/3 (1.26) is slightly different from the Just Interval of the Major Third (5/4 = 1.25).

As I created the scales using 3/2 and 2^1/3, I found that the novel tuning methodology no longer required the Pythagorean Comma as an adjustment as seemed to possess a self-correcting characteristic allowing for versatile key selections and across several octaves. This is because the 2^1/3 = 1.26 and 1.26^3 = 2.000 whereas 1.25^3 = 1.95 (falling short of perfectly doubling an octave).

“A truly mind-blowing sonic journey presented by Chairman of the Pro-Sound-Foundation: Shannon-Robert: De-Bie. Hosted by: Simon-Shane: Gray. An audiovisual, sensory, 432hz-Immersion-Experience presented on Friday 16th December 2022 at the Limelight Theatre to a live audience, Perth Western-Australia.”

“Project 432 was the closing segment of Session 2 of 2 in the NOW-SOUND 2022 journey. This includes the background story of the Concert Grand Piano donated to the Pro Sound Foundation and the work involved in creating the world’s first concert grand piano tuned in the novel tuning system of A=432Hz (Precise Temperament) developed by Robert E Grant.”

All musical notes in Precise Temperament Tuning (A5: 432.081216hz) are derived from the Perfect (JUST TUNING) Interval of 3/2, and the Major Third at the 3√2 (the cubed root of 2). Just like Musical Notes, Numbers (and Periodic Wave Elements) likewise mirror musical notes in a Duodecimal Base System.

To learn more about Precise Temperament Tuning visit HERE & HERE. To download the synthesizer Precise Temperament Tuning synthesizer ‘plug-in’ visit

Special thanks also to @martineauarts@tonimazzotti