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Computer Analysis of Reciprocal Wave Values of Larger Numbers: All the ANSWERS ARE FOUND WITHIN THE NUMBER: A Metaphor for our lives manifesting numerically. I find it fascinating that we are now learning the ABSORPTION of Numbers through their Reciprocal Value (1/x). Since we have not looked generally beyond 10 decimal places in mathematics, we have MISSED the “Shadow” of Numbers. Analyzing 1/x strings requires a DEEP analysis into a number. A dive into its DNA. What patterns exist within it and what elements might be causing certain repetitions and cyclic behavior. Through an integration of the Shadow by making it CONSCIOUS, we can decompose the number for must higher understanding of its fundamental properties. The same can be said for us as Human Beings, we build up our Persona/Ego (incidentally, Persona is the Latin word for 😷 MASK!) but the Subconscious can also be called the DNA of the Personality. We live our lives searching incessantly outside ourselves for answers to life’s most complex problems and so often fail to look WITHIN ourselves. By embracing and ACCEPTING our Shadow Subconscious and Unconscious Mind, we can achieve much higher awareness of ourselves and our own higher purpose and life meaning.