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Robert Edward Grant on UFO Sightings, Synchronicities, Fractals, Consciousness and more on Danica Patrick’s Pretty Intense Podcast| Ep. 160


“This really is a Pretty Intense interview. Robert Edward Grant is a best selling author of “Philomath” and “Mirror of Consciousness”, a mega successful entrepreneur, and host of “The X Code”. This is a mind blowing conversation, that had me working to keep up. His expertise is in math, and in patterns. This conversation was about the scientific roots of our existence. We looked at everything from music to pyramids, patterns in our reality, psychologically, and how that relates to the greater universe, and essentially our purpose here. There are some people that come to this planet, this realm of existence that, just are here to further our path, and to anchor new realities for us, and new paradigms of existence. Robert is definitely one of them. There are so many concepts in this interview that could benefit just about anyone. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.”

Listen to the Podcast Here