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Aubrey Marcus Podcast — with Robert Edward Grant

“Decoding Hermetic Wisdom”

Who was Hermes Trismegistus and what are his teachings? What can we learn today from this esoteric wisdom that withstood the passage of time, kept alive for thousands of years? Polymath Robert Edward Grant is a wealth of wisdom in a great many fields, and today he came on the podcast to explore these very questions. We dive into the seven hermetic principles as described by the Kybalion, one of the great foundational esoteric teachings from whence we source quotes such as ‘As above; So below.’ As well as this deep dive into the Kybalion, Robert decodes other profound esoteric teachings rooted in other ancient sources, such as The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Book Of Enoch, The Emerald Tablets, The Epic Of Gilgamesh, and many other related works.