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Major (Re) Discovery Proving that the Foot, Sacred Egyptian Cubit and the Meter (AND our TIME Measurement as well) were all created at the SAME time and emerged out of Geometrical Relationships as an inherent component of Geometric Scaling Fractality.

Alan Green (Bardcode) discovered these ratios embedded into the Great Pyramid’s proportions and we have worked on this together during the past several weeks. Interestingly, the Foot is NOT an arbitrary measurement and is BOTH a natural intersection of the Pentagon and the Hexagon forming a Right Triangle. Likewise, the Cubit and Meter are derived from both fractal scaling and via dimensionless math constants: e-1 = Cubit in Foot measurement and π/6 in Meter measurement, while the Meter is (6/π)*(e-1) in Feet. AND, it is the natural inward fractality at its next inward scaling…

Please use the following legend when viewing the illustration: #1: Radius 1 Foot; 30° Arc .5236 Foot #2. Radius 1 Cubit; 30° Arc .5236 Cubit #3. Radius 1 Meter; 30° Arc .5236 Meter #4. Radius 1.718 Meters; 30° Arc 1.718 Cubits #5. Radius 3.281 Meters; 30° Arc 1.718 Cubits.

It is beyond OBVIOUS to me now (with such precise geometry) that all three measurement systems were made simultaneously and NOT when historians teach today. This is echoed in the proportions of the Great Pyramid. It is also evident that ALL Measurments in the Imperial, Metric and Ancient (Sacred Egyptian Cubit) are RELATIONAL to EACH OTHER and therefore like α, π, e, γ, and φ, are themselves DIMENSIONLESS and we can now PROVE this FACT without question or equivocation to both the Metrology and Physics worlds respectively.

One other point worth mentioning is that the Scaling up from Sphere-Cube 3 to 4 yields an 30° Arc of 1.718 Feet (#3), and an outer Radius (#4) of 1.718 Meters and and outer 30° Arc (#4) of 1.718 Cubits! Interestingly, this is the precise location at #3 inscribed Circle with Radius of 1 meter and 1 Cubit for its 30° of Arc AND swinging a pendulum at this exact 30° Arc will traverse the Arc is precisely 1 Second…

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