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NEW DISCOVERY (2-11-22):
Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man Informs the Relative Diameter for EACH Planet in our Solar System using only the ‘π’ Circle (area = π) and the ‘e’ Square as starting references (both marked in the color Orange). Each Planetary Body closely approximates each logarithmic value inherent to inscribing and circumscribing fractal scaling of only circles and squares. Venus and Earth appear however, to break the pattern, but actually are still consistently proportioned using the same methodology.

The Earth Circle (marked in Green) 7,920mi Diameter and Circumference of 24,800mi is a near perfect match to the Perimeter of the Square (also Green). Likewise, Venus (7,520mi) is a near Area match to its nearest Square both marked in Red). The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all sizes that match the logarithmic + wave doubling pattern when multiplied by 10 (or 10^2 in the case of the Sun).

The analysis includes all Planets up through Pluto, which I believe that Pluto should still be reclassified as a “Full-fledged Planet” despite its relatively recent “demotion of Planetary status”…..maybe this analysis can help provide the evidence that Pluto still is a Planet because it’s size is NOT arbitrary at all, but rather an important aspect of the ORIGINAL Architecture.

Determining the pattern of the scales of these planets has been a long study of Polymaths and Astronomers including Kepler and Newton. But it is Leonardo Da Vinci’s unique ‘Squaring of the Circle’ that reveals the beautiful and simplistic architecture of our Solar System. Artwork by RG. Prelude in C by Bach in Precise Temperament Tuning in 432.081hz (by RG) and beautifully played by Jason Martineau ( @martineauarts on Instagram ).