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NEW DISCOVERY: The Infallible Relationship between Reciprocity, Palindromicity, and Ratios…..

Photo I : Can you say Templar Cross? Notice how each of the degree positions are actually just mirrored reflections of the exact same numbers (54 and 36) the entire way around the circle…..and note the indentations on each ‘arm’ of the Templar-style Cross, is this numerical phenomenon perhaps related to the Cross’s original design (unknown).

Photo II : Notice how all the numbers in the same color boxes in the second photo show values that in Mod 9 analysis create the same numbers around that square, for example: Notice the Green Box with 43.2° in the upper right. It is reflected by 133.2° on the left side (another way to write 4-32 as 1+3 = 4); and its two reflections on the bottom of the circle are at 223.2° (also 2+2 = 4; therefore 4-32 again!); and 313.2° (again 4-32!).

Now check the relationships for all the other colored boxes and an identical pattern emerges! Go ahead and try it out for yourself 🙏.

Let’s also not forget that the Circle is the basis for comprehending the x and 1/x relationship; whereas 1/x is the size of ‘slice’ of the circle and x is the number of such equivalent slices that will ‘fit’ perfectly within the Circle.

These patterns are mirrored across the entire circle informing a hidden symmetry/order that has not been previously recognized that demonstrates the relationship between Palindromicity, Number Permutation, Reciprocity (x and 1/x) and the inherency of 360° of a circle–an infallibly NON-Arbitrary VALUE required to see this ordered ARCHITECTURE.