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The Logarithmic Base value of Euler converges with 4/3^1/2 (= 2/(Root3)) below 1.00.

As such, when the 4/3^1/2 is smaller than <1.00, the Logarithmic (base) Euler exponential values, (for the same values), are identical to the 4/3^1/2 exponential values (-1). If we keep Square Rooting this Spirals positional points, a very interesting value emerges: 1+(1^-15) = 4/3^-(2^((2^4)*3)) or 4/3^-(2*48)…..= 1.000000000000001.

This appears to be an ‘entropy’ “Seed” value (I have named this ‘Entropy Seed’ value the ‘Genesis’ Seed or ‘Starting Point’) for each Fractal Representation = 1.000000000000001. The Natural Log (e) value for this number = 0.000000000000001 (the identical value -1 above). If we simply square the ‘Genesis’ Seed: 1.000000000000001^(2^48) = 4/3.

This ‘Genesis’ Seed for each fractal therefore implies 288 total separations of one complete turn of the Spiral. Which means 1/8° for each interval of 360° and 3/2° for each interval of 432° (Base 12 Circle)…..

NOTE the 3/2 relationship that remains so prominent in much of our 2019-2020 research….It is interesting that this 10^-15 Seed (value) matches the scale value of a Femtometer: 1*10^-15 meters = and very interstellar belt the Hydrogen atom is approximately 0.84 x 10^-15…..does this possibly be the commencement of the next spiral of the Universe’s self-similar fractality?

Now, the real question is how does the Prime Spiral connect to this logarithmic expression….and what about TIME as well?