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How does Earth’s Measurement/s relate to the Mathematics of Squaring the Circle (π and 4/π relationship IG post from a couple weeks ago)….well, as it turns out, the Polar Circumference was created/intended to be exactly 40,000 km.

This means that its Diameter is 12,732 km which is precisely 4/π (10^4)! The same values that persistently appear in the Squaring the Circle analysis I posted here on IG. Very uniquely, this is the ONLY POSSIBLE VALUE where the Diameter 4/π (10^4 km) is numerically equivalent to its Euclidean Area calculation (4/π (10^8 km) with the only Δ (change) being an additional 10^4. Wow, just another confounding Coincidence? (PS: The Earth is not flat).