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OF SIGNS AND SYMBOLS — The ancient notion of Light emerging from Darkness seems to be a very prolific linguistic theme across many languages and cultures….for example: the Sanskrit word “Guru” (Gu-ru) actually means to bring light (Ru) from darkness (Gu). From ΑχΩ to Yin-Shen-Yang, to Mer-Ka-Ba, the deeper symbology seems to be amazingly consistent. Each appears to have a Dualistic of ‘Binary’ construct that evolves into a ‘Trinary’ relationship between syllables.

YWHW for example morphs to YW-Sh-HW (in this case evolving from the Tetragrammaton to a Pentagrammaton). In the case of Yin Yang, it’s Binary iteration includes the Chinese characters for both SUN ☀️ (Yang) and MOON 🌚 (Yin), when ‘Shen’ arrives to complement and evolve the word combination to a Trinary relationship, with ‘Shen’ introducing the Chinese characters for both Spirit and Earth (Heavenly Earth). Furthermore, The ‘Ka’ in the ancient word ‘MerKaBa’ likewise connotes the bringing of the ‘Spirit’ to a union of Light (Mer) with the Body of Flesh (Ba). In Plato’s Timaeus, it is explained that the two bands that form ‘the soul of the world’ cross each other like the letter χ (Chi) Plato’s analogy, bringing an expanded view to the early Christian meaning of ΑχΩ. In the Egyptian Pantheon, the Sun God ☀️ “Ra” (see also the ‘Right’ Eye of Ra) is merged with the ‘Left’ Eye of “Horus” (creating ‘Ra-Horakhty’…..a God-Man often symbolized by the Flying Sun Disk and possessing ‘powers’ of the two prior divine emanations…..

It is quite astounding that the respective mythologies (of very disparate lands and teachings), their various spiritual symbols and even the differing (or very similar!) phonetics all seem to possess similar root cognates, characteristics and philosophies…..and importantly, most also seem to be pointing to a convergence of ‘Unity’ and ‘Balance’ that goes beyond and transcends the very concept of Duality itself.


Illustration by RG.