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(01-10-21): I have spoken a lot about the Number 432 on MANY occasions and it’s important correspondences to Time’s measurement as well as it being the only whole number who square is very close to the Speed of Light in miles/sec. and that the Great Pyramid and Bent Pyramids (and the Sun with a 432,000 mile diameter) are directly related to this value and its direct relationship to both Base 10 and Base 12 number systems and in particular its relationship to forming a Pentagon. Even Leonardo Da Vinci in his world famous square and circle drawing of the Vitruvian Man made his circle with precisely a 4.32 inch ‘Ra-Deus’ (the Inch and Foot were the prevalent measurement in Leonardo’s time period); 432 is indeed the foundation of the Pythagorean Tetraktys and Pythagorean Just and Precise Temperament Tuning (432hz as Note A in the 5th Octave). A few months ago, I went as far as naming it Thoth’s Constant (“T” which is also TIME) when I discovered that e^π = .0432.

With that as a lead-in, today, I discovered that every intersection (note the small red circles highlighting all possible intersection values) of a Flower of Life into Right Triangles will deliver proportions that are inexorably and exclusively multiples of 1/432! You can see the analysis below that equilibrates all Height Values (in Right Triangles) to Integer One (1.00) and compares the length of both the Base (Side A) versus the Height (Side B) as a RATIO as well as the Hypotenuse (Side C) versus Side B (again always a value of 1.00 for the purposes of this analysis). Therefore, if the Flower of Life is the foundational structure of SpaceTime along with the Cube Octahedron/64 Point Star Tetrahedron, then 432 is without doubt, its most fundamental number and constant value. PS: Notice that 1+(65*(1/432)) defines the Right Triangle that is exactly one half of an Equilateral Triangle.

The HexaPentakis making a cameo again…..