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I just returned from an incredible trip to Israel and Egypt. I feel so grateful to have to opportunity to travel to see the world, its many wonders, and its beauty.

While in Egypt, I spent two evenings in the Great Pyramid. One night with 12 friends and one night alone. It was an amazing and life altering experience.

The Great Pyramid is by far the most studied building in the world. It’s architecture, design and mathematical precision have been the subject of mystery for millennia. Some facts you may not be aware of regarding the Great Pyramid:

  1. No mummy or corpse was ever found inside

  2. No hieroglyphics or writing has been found save the somewhat suspect red paint graffiti found above the King’s Chamber by Richard Vyse, English explorer who some believe may have forged the graffiti to appease anxious investors who backed his expedition. These red graffiti hieroglyphs ar Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. e the SOLE references to Khufu, the 4th Dynasty Pharaoh credited with its construction.

  3. 2.5M stones went into its construction, most stone blocks weighing between the 20 and 70 tons each!

  4. Virtually ALL mathematical constants are embedded into its architectural perfection, even some math and physics constants only discovered in the last 150 years.

  5. For the Pyramid to have been completed within 20 years, each massive 20-70 ton block would have to have been accurately placed approximately every 2 minutes.

  6. Very strangely, both the latitude and longitude reference the speed of light (C) down to only 1 meter tolerance

  7. The Giza Pyramids appear to be positions according to the Belt of Orion (Constellation)

However, during my first (of two) evenings there earlier this week, I noticed three unidentified markings along the back rim and side of the Sarcophagus (King’s Chamber) in the Great Pyramid. This was quite startling as this structure has probably been reviewed and investigated thousands of times and there appears to be absolutely NO record whatsoever of any such markings on the Sarcophagus in any of the literature on the topic. In fact, it is fair to say that no other building on the planet has been the subject of more scrutiny than the Great Pyramid. Please see the pictures.