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A self proclaimed ‘academic Mathematician’ on Facebook told me it is impossible to derive the Square Roots of 2 and 5 using the Flower of Life (or the Seed of Life its more ‘simple’ parent).

Well, here it is. I showed this to another University Mathematics Professor not long ago and he too was astounded. In fact, it doesn’t stop there, we can continue to use the Flower of Life to derive every (I mean ALL numbers) integer’s (infinite) square root value, providing another (alternative and additional) proof for the Spiral of Theodorus.

I think there is something profoundly missing from the current academic approach to Mathematics which almost seems to portray mathematics as entirely (and very sadly) “meaningless”….as if Mathematics and Geometry has been relegated to some kind of ‘Religion of Meaninglessness.’ When the truth is it is so deeply “meaningful” both spiritually and philosophically.

When one learns the MEANING embedded into Mathematics and Geometry, one comes to know the Mind of the Universal One who created it. What’s more, approaching it with ‘meaning’ makes it so much easier to learn.

Nothing is actually ‘random’ in our beautiful Universe….there is only pattern and ignorance of pattern.