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Is it TIME to rethink the very nature of TIME itself?
If not,….how is it possible that the Imperial (Foot and Inch), Metric (Meter), Time (Second), and Ancient Royal Egyptian Cubit are all intrinsically PERFECT ratio-based measurements of the SAME GEOMETRY: ONE CIRCLE. The proportional measurements/ratios of a Circle with a Radius of 1.00 (One) Meter (which happens to also be ((1-φ)+1)^2 RE Cubits = 1.9098 RE Cubits), which Circle has a Circumference of exactly 12 Royal Egyptian Cubits (equal to 20.616 Feet (which matches the precise number of inches in 1.00 Royal Egyptian Cubit; 1 τ Meters (1τ = 2π = 6.283 meters)). Each 30° Arc = π/6 = 0.523599 Meters which is equal to 1.718 Feet (= (Euler Number-1) in Feet = 20.616 inches). A pendulum of exactly 1 Meter swinging (each direction) across a 30° arc will take precisely 1 Second (TIME) to traverse exactly 1 Royal Egyptian Cubit. Oh, and I actually almost forgot: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT ALL MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS WERE USED IN THE GREAT PYRAMID’s CONSTRUCTION many Millenia in the distant past, prior to the French creation of the Meter and long before the Roman Foot and Inch were even ‘created’…..

For more on this check out Alan Green’s CPAK 2016 Presentation on YouTube.

Image by RG — Special Contribution from Nala Berci