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Starting with unit value 1 in the spiral the 180° opposite length is 2.37037, which is 1+α^-1. And its perpendicular value (preceding clockwise rotation pointing north) is the square root of that value, which is precisely equal to Lieb’s Square Ice Constant: 1.539600….with infinite digits accuracy: (8/9)*3^.5. It appears that the above Spiral shows direct correspondence to base 10 through the Euler Natural Logarithm via the Base12 exponent values (144, 432, 864 or put another way, through 2^n x 3^3, or as we have called them, the TIME numbers. Whereas if we use the Log base NOT of Euler but rather of 1/((3^.5)/2)) ^n where n is always a whole number value. Thus, this particular Scalar Spiral CONNECT Base and Base12 numbering systems…..