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THE UNIFICATION OF GRAVITY AND ELECTROMAGNETISM IN ONE FIELD IS AN INHERENT FUNCTION OF THE NATURAL LOGARITHMIC SCALAR SPIRAL: The Natural Logarithmic “Scalar Spiral” is the Foundational Spiral that emerges from the Flower of Life, Dodecimal Integers, and naturally aligns (perfectly) e, π, φ, and the primal square roots of: 3 and 5 (and their reciprocal values). Each are inherent ratios of the Natural Logarithm: Log e. This spiral also combines Scalar wave functions and Transverse functions into ONE field. These functions are simply inherent to the structure of the Special Right Triangles that construct the Natural Logarithmic Scalar Spiral Mathematical (Geometric Ratio-based) Functions relative to the 30°-60°-90° Right Triangles (exactly Half of Equilateral Triangles). Scalar waves are compression/Longitudinal waves of Gravitation (Phonon-Sound which waves carry mass), and Transverse Waves are Spiral Electrmagnetic waves, (Radiative Photons of Light) which Transverse wave (excitation) perturbations are precisely perpendicular to the gravitational Scalar waves.