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Did you know that music and mathematics are mirror reflections of each other and that geometry is the nexus of that mirrored symmetry?

With the below totally new publication (our fourth in a series), I have identified and demonstrated an irrevocable link between seemingly two disparate phenomena.

Using TRUE Pythagorean tuning (based on the 9-base numerical and digital root system and NOT equally tempered), we have discovered how and why the note A (432hz) creates a circle and how and why the note C (504hz) creates a square inscribed within that circle of A (a triplet relationship).

This is the language of the universe—electromagnetism (what we experience as light, radiation and sound). We strongly believe that this foundational work will open a new pathway of understanding toward the nature of electromagnetism, gravity and radiation. It may also lead to new understanding within the fields of cymatics and photonics.

The symmetry is indeed beautiful and majestic at the same time. It is a privilege and honor to discover these correspondences and make them widely available. I would like to thank Alex Asdourian, my research assistant for his many contributions to this work effort.

We will soon be publishing a lot more of this work…