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The diagram depicts life as a fractalized macro-cycle that teaches us acceptance and oneness by giving us repeating patterns of evolution; separating light from darkness, love from fear and the degrees/intensity of this separation mirror the color wheel (both reflected and its opposites absorbed, thus is the nature of light).  The diagram depicts the wave nature and duality of light. Notice that the 180 degree opposites of each concept are indeed the opposite perception of the same phenomenon (synonym-antonym relationship).  

This process commences with birth which creates the sensation of separation, the formation of ego (and persona/identity), dissonance and comparison with others, leading to victimization, entitlement, lust and envy as we go through our spiritual adolescence. These concepts turn to greed and enmity as well as absolute scarcity as we reach mid-life, finally culminating in loneliness and despair.

The first half of the cycle represents increasing polarity from the original singularity and manifests as a sine wave reaching its peak amplitude…a veritable widening of the gap between the ego (conscious mind) and the shadow (subconscious mind) all the way up through mid-life, whereupon the continued repression of the shadow (subconscious) is no longer tenable as the shadow begins to assert its re emergence in its battle with the ego. Here, the sensation of separation is maximized and life can feel dominated by scarcity, despair and fear. This completes the “male” descending arc of the cycle.

This is followed by destruction and emotional upheaval— the so-called “mid-life” crisis and the commencement of the “female” or ascending arc of the cycle which is then followed by destruction/reset and humiliation-humility which starts the rebirth process, first  with visualization, and then actualization. Once one finds the ability to consistently manifest pure intentions, compassion, generosity, giving and abundance follow, culminating in a feeling of “oneness”, whereupon the illusion of duality “drops” from the consciousness of the observer.  At this point, the conscious mind merges with the subconscious mind forming a “super consciousness”, thus changing our perceived world from one of separation, duality and fear to one of unity, singularity and love.  

This enlightenment IS union of the “You-ni-verse” (conscious) and the “You-in-verse” (subconscious) into a sensation of oneness, the full expression of the “I AM.” The final culmination of this enlightenment process is love, for all things and for everyone. 

These concepts mirror the seven sins and seven virtues of antiquity (though I modified the words slightly for today’s more easily understood equivalent synonyms). As you can see from the diagram, certain chakras marry with numbers in digital root and follow the musical scale (in both sound and light along the EM spectrum). Again, a repeating fractal.