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An Irregular Elevated Dodecahedron? With 60 sides/triangular faces this structure has the feel of both a dodecahedron and an Icosahedron. Strangely, a variation of this structure I made today is able to perfectly ‘close’ despite having irregular pentagonal clusters (which I deliberately tried in the hunt for more yet undiscovered Pentagonal polyhedra). In this novel test structure, each pentagon ‘elevated’ cluster is made up of 4 equilateral triangles and 1 Isosceles Triangle 1.08x the length of the other four sides of the pentagonal ‘elevated’ cluster. The question I am still pondering is why this structure is able to close perfectly? Theoretically, it shouldn’t…..🧐….The external angle of the pentagon is 108°


  • The icosahedral configuration is given because a triangulated sphere with 20 faces is the best optimization of a sphere, and since its parts are identical they can harbor complexity, but most of the known viruses have more than 20 subunits, approximately 60, but those 60 subunits can be grouped into an icosahedron. The so-called adenoviruses have it in their different strains (Covid-19. AIDS)

  • Antonia Rovayo says:

    SARS- cov2 is a protein mixed with an adenovirus and geometrically behaves as such. Why do you think they consider the sputnik vaccine unsafe? They have treated it as an adenovirus