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Look at this uniformity on the left side (Blue lines)! The Blue lines are the inherent intersections (informing the perfect Hypotenuse location of possible prime factors) of the Flower of Life, 4 Triangles, 4 Squares (both rotated with equal intervals). This proves that the geometry of Spacetime is tied directly to primes and factorization through simple polygons and the Flower of Life with the fundamental shape being the Right Triangle just as posited by so many.

This is a mathematical proof without any physical experimentation. Random?

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  • Of course! Has physical experimentation with group events in real life. Those repetitive and symmetrical elements are part of the universal model. Randomness is nothing more than the name given to an unknown law. The permutations and combinations of these elements constitute the process of creation. I am currently working with thought forms experimentation. I want to show that thought follows the form of a spiral, in my opinion the Fibonacci spiral. I love all the knowledge on this site and in the books. I want to do the translations into Spanish. Would it be allowed to me? I wonder how many people would like to learn from you in the Spanish language. Thanks