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The Robert Edward Grant Podcast with Her Majesty Queen Diambi

A real-life story that reads like a Hollywood movie.


In Robert’s first episode of his new podcast, he talks with an extraordinary guest, HM Queen Diambi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Her story reads like a Hollywood movie; an African girl brought to the West by her parents, unaware of her royal lineage, finding out she is, in fact, a Queen.

In this episode, Robert and Queen Diambi discuss what it was like to discover she was a Queen out of nowhere, lost ancient African knowledge, the demise of Kemet, colonization, the African spiritual system, and much more.

Today, Queen Diambi, a respected and warm-hearted international influencer, is on a mission to secure a brighter future for the younger generations of Africa. With her captivating strengths, she is determined and fearless when traveling around the world, enlightening everyone about their responsibility to help the ones in need.

The Queen’s remarkable life story, her down-to-earth and caring personality, her passion, and her knowledge of the African culture, ancient and new, make for a fascinating and engaging conversation.

About our featured guest:
Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi Kabatusuila Tshiyoyo Muata of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the female King and traditional ruler of the Bakwa Luntu. The Bakwa Luntu is part of a very ancient people called the Luba. In March 2019 Queen Diambi was crowned as the Queen of the Afro-descendent people of Brazil – known as the Bantu people.

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