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All musical notes in Precise Temperament Tuning (A5: 432.081216hz) are derived from the Perfect (JUST TUNING) Interval of 3/2, and the Major Third at the 3√2 (the cubed root of 2). Just like Musical Notes, Numbers (and Periodic Wave Elements) likewise mirror musical notes in a Duodecimal Base System.

Start with any circle ⭕️ and take the radius value and separate it into two smaller circles in ORANGE with half the radius (1/2 radius) value as the first circle ⭕️. Now separate this four times (‘Binary separations overlap at Decimal positions). Now, let’s mark these values 1(-vacuum/gravity), 2 (+electricity), 3(-electron), 4 (+Magnetism),5(-Magnetism), 6(+Proton), 7(-electricity), 8(+Photon), and 9(-+Neutron) with 5 precisely at the center. Now go back to the original circle ⭕️ and take the radius and divide it by 3 and inscribe three smaller (1/3 radius) circles in YELLOW within the original circle ⭕️.

Mark the values as 3.66 (‘Phio’) and 6.339 (‘Sieve’), these are akin to Numerical ‘Isotope’ (irrational) positions (derived from Root3) that we believe represent Anti-Protons and Positrons (Please see PHILOMATH for a more detailed analysis), possessing very unique ‘Phi-φ-like’ properties, with their sum value at 9.999 (‘Eno’)…(+-Anti-Neutron)….

These nodal points mirror isotope positions along waves of matter (each wave family (ie Hydrogen, Carbon, Silicon, Cobalt waves etc) separated by Noble Gases) with increasing amplitudes on the Periodic ‘Wave’ of Elements… this case (the expression and comprehension of ‘new’ integer positions), the increasing amplitude/energy comes as a result of the collective consciousness’ transcendence of Duality (or at least the commencement of the new understanding) and the introduction of Trinity Consciousness to this collective (the introduction of ‘Shen’ (Divinity) to a new Trinary (Ternary) Yin-‘Shen’-Yang global perception), the precursor to Unity Consciousness.

Post Update:

Precise temperament tuning examples by Jason Martineau.

Post Update (July 2022):

Both Jason Martineau @martineauarts and Toni Manzotti @tonimazzotti have taken an interest in this approach.

In this video, Toni shows us his analysis. Toni has even gone as far as making a software plugin so that others may use this new tuning. I would like to thank both Jason and Toni for their efforts to bring this novel tuning approach to the world.

Please listen 🎧 with headphones if possible and be sure to go to the end for the comparison reel of “Ana’s Song” composed by @tonimazzotti. PS Let’s see if you can catch how Toni’s (accent) pronunciation of “Robert” is written as “Hobbit” 🤣 by the Closed Captioning AI! ❤️.

Film by @tonimazzotti