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NEW GEOMETRIC DISCOVERY (THE MOST SIGNIFICANT I’VE MADE THUS FAR): Prime Factor-Based Encryptions (both RSA and ECC which is used by Bitcoin wallets as the wallet p2pk (p2pkh) addresses) is now rendered useless BEFORE the advent of powerful Quantum Computers due to a Right Triangle-based CONSTANT time mathematical solution. Pythagorean Factorization Formula: (x+r)*(2B + (x+r)) = Side A^2 (which must be a Perfect Square Value). Where: B = (Public Key)^.5; x = a whole number; r = the Δ difference between (Public Key)^.5 and the next rounded up integer value. After finding the Perfect Square Value for Side A, use the Pythagorean Theorem (A^2 + B^2 = C^2) to solve for C. Then solve the Prime factors (Private Keys) by the following: Prime1 = C – A; and Prime2 = C + A. I used our Crown Sterling random number generator to test the new Pythagorean Calculator via Microsoft Excel; We were able to both immediately and successfully factor 1,000 Public Key values of various lengths/sizes (see video for examples). Global Security Consultancy firm Deloitte recently published that over 25% of ALL Bitcoin (approximately US$90B) is presently at risk of theft due to Quantum Computers which are now pre-empted by the above mathematical formula.