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NEW GEOMETRIC/NUMBER THEORY DISCOVERY — January 3, 2021: When Hypotenuse values are equilibrated to the number ONE and overlaid with a Flower of Life “FOL” (The Hypotenuse is equilibrated to a 24 circle perimeter FOL, “nesting” within the FOL as per the above illustration); from the above we observe that a NEWLY discovered pattern emerges revealing the foundational basis for (Thales Theorem on Right Triangles and Circles). At every location of the red circles, a Prime Factorization Right Triangle will and must exist with those exact proportional/dimensional ratios–this pattern appears to repeat infinitely with self-similar fractals of the FOL (see illustration at left). Eventually, every Red circle (representing any location where two or more FOL circles overlap) will be intersected by line vectors forming Right Triangle relationships in both beautiful and stunning symmetry. This reveals that there is indeed a ‘fixed’ pattern for prime distribution and Right Triangles. The structure behind this pattern is none other than the Flower of Life (FOL) which is also posited by many to be the foundational structure of the vacuum, gravity and time itself–Einstein’s Special and General Relativity Theories are based exclusively on Right Triangles; with the Height of the Triangle as the Time axis, and the Base of the Triangle as the Distance (Traverse Space) axis. The Hypotenuse is therefore defined as SpaceTime. This also holds significance for understanding the relationship between Right Triangles and Protons, Electrons and Neutrons as the sides of Prime Factor-based right triangles also hold charge polarity: The Height is neither odd nor even +/- (an irrational number as the square root of a Quasi Prime number) and therefore a Neutral charge as it cannot be reduced to digital root (in mod 9)–therefore a Neutron); the Base and Htpotenuse alternate between even (+ charge–Proton) and odd values (- charge–Electron). This charge polarities exist with all such Prime Factor-jbased right triangles.