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(1-5-21): The Da Vinci Flower of Life greatly inspired me today to find the geometries associated with the Base 12 numerical system, and the connections to musical notes, light (reflected and absorbed), as well the Zodiac, Months of the Year and even the days of the week. Most importantly though is the new Chordal Relationship between numbers…..why certain numbers work so well together: for example: 1,4,7; 2,5,8 and 3,6,9….each of these triplets form perfect Equilateral Triangles but ONLY if we include “new” number positions between 3 and 4, and 6 and 7.

What is the Perfect Fifth for 3? Why 8 of course! What about the Perfect 5th for 6? 2 of course making the Perfect 5th a φ relationship. Just as 3 and 8 combine to form 1-φ (.38). Does this also then relate to decimal based metrology versus the Imperial system? Yes, it does….the Base 12 system is embedded within the Base 10 just as there are 432° positions embedded within the 360° which is probably also why we have 1,296,000 seconds in a compass which breaks evenly into 432,000 seconds, 864,000 second and finally 1,296,000 seconds to mark an equilateral triangle.

Finally these correspondences also inform the differentiation characteristics of Electric Force….the only Force of the Universe, which differentiates into Electricity/Magnetism, Radiation (Light/No Sound/Transverse waves), and Gravity (Dark/Sound Compression/Longitudinal Waves). It also creates Matter and Spin (Electron, Proton and Neutron and their mirrored opposites: Anti-Particles). Also, ever notice that 1.2(φ^2) = 3.1416 (π)? Base 10 and Base 12 together at last.

The Base 12 numerical system is embedded within the Base 10 number system. Both systems therefore work simultaneously. Additionally, when we include the missing numerical positions very significant geometries emerge from Major 3rd relationships (1,4,7; 2,5,8; and 3,6,9 for example) illustrate Equilateral Triangles. The Perfect 4th creates Rotating Pentagons; the Diminished 5th fixed Squares; and the Perfect 5th demonstrates rotating Heptagons…..finally, is this combination the reason we have an ancient Imperial measurement system based on Base 12, whereas, the metric system (officially created in the 18th Century in France). Does the Flower of Life possess the Foot, Cubit and Metric systems as inherent proportions to the Flower of Life and its fractalized circles…. Note that a One Meter circle will have a perfect Royal Egyptian Cubit as its 30° arc….AND, this also informs the ‘Foot’ embedded within its circumferential measurement as well. Here’s how: the Cubit is 20.6 inches….a circle with a 1 meter radius has a diameter of 6.56 feet (Hexapentakis again) and has a circumference of 20.6 feet (matching the Cubit in inches!). And….finally, is φ^2 really just the Base 10 version of π? (2.618 x 1.2) = 3.1416

Background art by Leonardo Da Vinci, Images by RG.