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‘The THREE STAGES of Conscious Involution-Evolution’

“ASLEEP STATE”–Limited Perception (ONE Truth; Either/Or):

Duality, Judgement, and ‘my’ choices are RIGHTEOUS, a world of survival instinct, self-preservation, victimhood, suffering and endless karmic loops, scarcity-based, fear-based, and time-limited decisions and experiences, seeking the outside world for “educated” answers to provide meaning in a Telestial, meaningless, competitive and lonely world. The Dualistic separation of Consciousness into the Persona (mask) and the Shadow (subconscious mind).

“AWAKENING and AWAKENED STATE”–Expanded/Expanding Perception (NON-Dual Sentience):

Edging toward Non-Duality; less judgement, Personal responsibility for experiences, limited perspectives and even the ‘News’ are more ‘opinions’ than factual realities. Objective truth becomes subjective to the Observer’s ‘partial’ truth. Seek the inward journey while living in a Terrestial world. Synchronicities and patterns emerge into consciousness, Forgiveness of Self and Others (and judgements of self and others) transition to conscious acceptance and love. ‘Suffering’ lessens and the path toward abundance in all things ensues, the Eternal Now, Empathy and Compassion rises. Competition to confluence. The emergence of Heart-Brain consciousness through the balancing of Feminine and Masculine energies–the recognition of the complementary and necessary role of both the Conscious Persona and the Subconscious Shadow.

“ENLIGHTENED STATE”–Divine Omniscience (Omni-Sentient); Rainbow 🌈 Body:

The sum of all perspectives is the WHOLE Truth. There is no entropy, only limited and/or expanded perceptions. Synchronicities turn to magical and miraculous moments. Realization that you are the Creator of all your experiences. Pure Acceptance of the Whole Truth. Love and Compassion reign. Non-judgement. ‘Celestial’ experiences. One with the flow of the Universe. Love for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE around us, even TIME itself. Feels feelings deeply but not overrun by emotional reactions. Expanded multidimensional experiences through TIME dimensions. ‘Super’ or ‘Unity’ Consciousness.

The ONE remembers ONENESS.