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NEW DISCOVERY: The mathematical foundation of the (Spindle) Torus is (Prime) Factorization and in particular the distance between x and y (factors) which defines the Radius of the Torus and its ‘Spindularity’ (Spindle vs Horn Torus).

It is defined as a Right Triangle predicated upon two parents: x and y (‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ Factors). The basis of this right triangle defines both the radius and the degree of the Spindle intersection of the Spindle Torus through the Sum (as a Mean Value) (Hypotenuse (x+y)*1/2), Product (Height) ((x*y)^1/2) and Difference (Base) of x and y ((y-x)*1/2) (also a Mean Value).

Read the complete paper titled “The Sum Product Conjecture” (Co authored with Talal Ghannam PhD and Naomi Mathew) on my website landing page.