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“Your judgments are what you attract. It’s a simple notion, yet a tough pill to swallow. What this perspective will gift to you is the knowing that your tough life lessons, your difficult circumstances, those relationships and scenarios that didn’t work out- they’re brought to you for your growth and ascension. In simpler terms, the release of judgment and the gratitude for the lesson is the key to leveling up your human experience. Debra is joined by Robert Edward Grant- a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author, inventor, and TV series host, discussing everything from past life recollection to the oneness theory to the double-edged sword of the future, with key takeaways around the nature of the human mind’s resistance towards the release of judgment and its relationship to the ultimate life achievement of unconditional love.

Tune into this podcast episode and walk away with tools to inspire a different viewpoint of your challenging life experiences, taking you one step closer to emotional and spiritual evolution.” – Debra Silverman Astrology