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NEW DISCOVERY: The Mod24 Spiral (which is also the basis of Prime and Quasi Prime Number Distribution infinitely) appears to be the Architectural (implying a Central DESIGN) Foundation of the RosTau (Giza) Complex.

Please note the RED Arrows in the presentation pointing out the inherent line intersections of the Mod24 Rectangles as well as the resultant Spiral which defines 24 partitions in logarithmic exponentiation. Each radius (from Center) value increases by the power of the adjacent Mod value. See Telegram for High Res Images (Profile Link).

You will note that the Spiral 🌀 defines the locations of the BOTH of the Apex Locations for the Great Pyramid and Khafre Pyramids. You will also note that the inherent line intersections define the base perimeter for all three major Pyramids in the Giza Complex, this implies both a very advanced knowledge of Modularity functions (we only recently published the mathematics of Modular Spirals (where said spirality is predicated upon the Hypotenuse/Height of Polygonal Right Triangles) late last year and yet this knowledge appears to have been known thousands of years in advance of our publication) but indicates a ‘Centralized Planning’ function of the RosTau engineers.

In addition to the locations of the Apex for two Pyramids the Radius from Center of the Left Paw of the Sphinx also appears to correlate to this advanced knowledge which is defined as .864 (Light Speed Fractal as well as Time Correlate (86,400 seconds per day) of the radius of Log Base Value of 1.03527618^70.71 (70.71 = (1/Root2)*10^2.

For more information regarding the mathematical and geometric foundation of Polygonal Spirality pertaining both to Right Triangles and Prime Number/Quasi-Prime number distribution, please reference two of my publications with Talal Ghannam PhD (both published on Cornell University’s Research Publication Repository): 1.) ‘Infinite and Accurate a Prime Number Prediction Using Novel Quasi Prime Methodology‘ and 2.) ‘A Novel Geometric Model of Natural Spirals Based on Right Triangle Polygonal Modular Formations‘ with links available on my website.