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The Numerical (Quantum ‘x’) Superposition: .999999….. infinite recursion = 1 and 0. 1 because Mathematically it is defined as 1. But because 9 holds the positions of 0 in digital root analysis, it is also a 0 (recall that any number added to 9 will result in whatever number was added to it 9+4 = 13 (1+3 = 4). But I noted another strange correspondence just this evening. .99999999999^2 = .99999999999. And .99999999999^.5 = .99999999999. So, this number really does possess the same characteristics as the number 1 as 1 is the ONLY number that will square and square root to the same result. In our proposed Base 12 Number System, 9.9999999 (infinite) is the sum of 3.660254….. and 6.33975….these three numbers comprising the missing musical note (numerical) positions completing the Base 12 numbering system that is embedded within Base 10.