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Why 24/42? Because 24 is the ONLY NUMBER (and its scale fractal values (*10^n)) whose reciprocal value (.041666 ≈ .042) rounds to its palindrome AND whose ratio versus palindrome (when equilibrated to the same order of magnitude): (24/42 and 42/24, is equal to ANOTHER PALINDROME and RECIPROCAL “Mirrored” Pair: .571 and 1.75. This EXTREMELY UNIQUE mirrored characteristic can be found NOWHERE ELSE in the entire Universe of Number. Add this to the fact that 4*3*2 = 24 and that 2+4 = 6, also known as the “Perfect” Number because its factors also sum to its value (6). 24 is THE number that creates ‘Four-Fold’ (Mirrored) Quaternion Symmetry (One ‘Real’ Plane + Three Imaginary Planes of numbers) inherent to Trigonometry and is therefore the basis of the Prime Number pattern and logarithmic distribution. Therefore, (excluding Primes 2 and 3): Prime (n^2) ARE ALWAYS equal to a multiple of 24 + 1 infinitely (and without exception). Talal Ghannam PhD and I wrote a proof of this in our publication (Numberphile also made a short Youtube video substantiating this proof a few months after its first publication in June of 2018 on ‘The Accurate and Infinite Prediction of Prime Numbers Using the Novel Quasi Prime Methodology’, which can be found on Cornell University’s website: