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Continuation from this morning’s DISCOVERY POST A*X*Ω = 1.00 (three pairs of ‘Doubled Mirrored’ Numbers: 73/137; 24/42; and 57.1/175, each sharing the unique property that their Inverse Reciprocal Values ≈ Palindrome:

NEW (Related) DISCOVERY (12.18.22): The ratio of the Great Pyramid’s (Half Base) : (Height) = .73 : .571 yielding the precise Slope Angle of the Great Pyramid. The precise relationship is .727 : .571….

Why does this work? Because this ratio yields 4/π relationship of the (Height) / (1/2 Base)…. this is precisely the ratio required to achieve the 11/7 approximate relationship of the Base:Height.

Having found these ‘Doubled Mirrored’ Numbers more than two year ago, I am stunned that I didn’t make this association until now. This also means that 1/.73 = 1.37 and therefore 2.4 x (1/2Base = .571)….meaning that the Great Pyramid literally embodies the proportions of these Double Mirrored “Super Numbers” which are also mathematical constants A = .73/1.37 ; X = 2.4/.42; Ω = .571/1.75.

.73 x 2.4 x .571 = 1.00 (Please see the prior post for more information). #robertedwardgrant #unity #AXΩ=1.00