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The Salvator Mundi Decryption Revealed: The Inverted Raiment reveals the ‘complementary’ (and “inverted”) angle of the Great Pyramid’s 51.843° complementary angle is 38.157° (90°-51.843°= 38.157°). This is the same angle encrypted into the other Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece: The Vitruvian Man (see my collaboration film with @thebardcode–film titled “The Real Da Vinci Code in my Profile Highlights and on my YouTube Channel). The top image’s finely embroidered ‘X’ on the Salvator Mundi’s raiment possesses a slope angle of 138.157° (The Great Pyramid’s Slope Angle’s ‘Inversion’ value + 1 (x10^2). One more thing…..0.38157*(360) = 137.36°….a very close approximation for the (also the Golden Angle A°) diameter of a circle with 432 as its circumference. And 432^.432 = 137.5….