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(TODAY 7-13-21): THE TRIDECAGON (13-sided Polygon “proven” to be impossible by mathematicians Gauss and Wantzel to ‘construct’ USING ONLY A STRAIGHT EDGE and COMPASS). This perfect construction is derived from the Leonardo DaVinci Higher Dimensional ‘Construction Box’ we call the Vitruvian Man.

On 7-7-21, I posted the Heptagon’s perfect construction using the similar method encrypted by Leonardo DaVinci 500+ years ago (SWIPE-accurate to 15 decimal digits – One Quadrillionth of One centimeter). Four days later, On 7-11-21, I likewise posted the discovery of the construction method of the Hendecagon (11-sided polygon-SWIPE). {This same illustration was also the Cipher Key to successfully Square the Circle in April of this year}. This time, and perfectly timed I might add to coincide with 7-13-21,….we reveal the Tridecagon (13-sided polygon’s accurate compass and straight edge construction).

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