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Authors: Robert E. Grant, Talal Ghannam, Amanda Kennedy

YES!!!!! So happy!!! Our Galactic Spiral Paper just got published on Cornell University’s just now! This is an important paper because it demonstrates a geometric proof explaining why Galaxies and Hurricanes possess the spiral pitch that they do: Polygonal Right Triangles whose logarithmic base value is defined as the Hypotenuse/Height (inherent Right Triangle/s) which in turn defines both the polygonal reference and Modular Configuration. This is directly in opposition to many publications by Astrophysicists and Physicists that have attempted to explain the spiral of galaxies using the Natural Logarithm (Euler Number) with a “Pitch” Adjustment. This publication also lays the groundwork for a unified theory of Gravity (Scalar Waves) and Electromagnetism (Transverse Waves), by demonstrating the geometric relationship between both in a simplistic matrix represented in the Euclidean (Geometric) Plane. Co-Authors: Talal Ghannam PhD @tghannam369, Amanda Kennedy @amanda.e.kennedy and myself. Happy Day! #robertedwardgrant