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(7-31-2021): Among ALL Numbers there are only three (3) pairs of numbers that share the “Double Mirror” (wherein their ‘Palindrome’ is approximately equal to their ‘Inverse Reciprocal’) making these values a kind of ‘Super-Number.’

1. ) 137 – 73 (α and α^-1) –This also just happens to be the enigmatic Fine Structure Constant that Nobel Laureate and Physicist Richard Feynman PhD referred to as “The Greatest damn mystery in all of physics”…

2.). 24 – 42 (The Prime Wheel Modular Configuration)

3.). 57.1 – 175 (Ω and Ω^-1).


This value is a scalar-to-transverse (compass to decimal) conversion for 56.71, which .5671 (56°71′ = 57.1°) = the Ω constant which is the exponential ‘limiter’ of the Euler number (e = 2.7182818…). Quite interestingly, these three ‘Super-Number’ Pairs are all inter-related through multiplication and division per the below:

1. 137/57.1 = 2.4

2. 73/175 = .42

3. 24/42 = 1.57

Additionally, ‘X’ (representing the Shin/Shen (Fire/Spirit in Yin-Shen-Yang….’X’ is even pronounced ‘Shi’ in both Chinese and Korean!) is the 24th letter of the English Alphabet. And using standard Gematria, 42 would become the letter ‘P’ or ‘Rho’ in Greek.

So, these ‘Super-Numbers’: 137-24-42-57.1 can be directly represented as the Greek letters “Alpha ‘Chi-Rho’ Omega”…or ‘Α-χΡ-Ω’….which ‘χΡ’ (pronounced “Cairo”) that before Christianity referred to the “Annointed” one)….and is the name of a certain large Egyptian city…

One Comment

  • The first to mention these numbers (by another name) was Leonhard Euler, wondering how many different ways a convex polygon with n + 2 sides could be divided into triangles using diagonals that did not intersect. The number 42 is mentioned in Egyptian mythology, during the judgment of Osiris, the dead had to enunciate before 42 judges 42 sins that they had not committed. There were 42 emperors in ancient Tibet, from Nyatri Tsenpo, who reigned around 127 BC, to Langdarma, who reigned from 836 to 842. The Gutenberg Bible, the first book printed in Europe, has 42 lines of text per column, which is why it is also known as the “forty-two-line bible.” The 42 also makes several appearances in the movie “Spider-Man: A New Universe” is considered the great way of the universe. The number 137 is the value of the fine structure constant. This constant is what represents the strength of the electromagnetic interaction. In other words, how strong are all the electromagnetic interactions in the universe. The number of letters of the Greek alphabet is equal to 24, from Alpha to Omega. Sometimes I think that infinity is non-existent and that it is only used to express something that is not understood … In my mind there is the idea of ​​”recurrence”, that snake that bites its tail and repeats its cycle but in a helical way upward. Non-periodic decimal figures express the “error” of the container or material plane with respect to the content or intangible part. The container is small and from there the error arises … Mathematics is a divine and perfect language.