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(7-25-21): Trisecting the Angle with only a Compass and Straight Edge (and NO MEASUREMENTS).

The ‘Third’ of the “IMPOSSIBLE CONSTRUCTIONS” using only a Compass and Straight Edge (1. Squaring the Circle; 2. Doubling the Cube; 3. Trisecting the Angle). Trisecting an Angle is POSSIBLE but is solved ONLY through the Wisdom of the Owl. While attending the large Eye 👁 Conference held in Las Vegas over the weekend, I stayed at a hotel immediately adjacent to the Golden Luxor Pyramid and gave a presentation (on a Project called “Third Eye” to the world’s leading Eye Surgeons (Ophthalmologists))…..interesting that the Trisection of the Angle makes both “Three Eyes” and and literally looks just like an Egyptian ‘Pharaoh Eagle Owl’…. 🧐.

This Trisection technique works on all angle sizes…