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20/20 has indeed been an eye-opening year. The Year of the Global Awakening. It has revealed a world of AI-induced conditioning bias and social ‘echo-chat’ chambers resulting in extreme political polarity undermining even the closest of friendships. In many ways, 2020 has brought to real life a ‘V-for-Vendetta’ world of propaganda, censorship, control, GPS ‘track-and-trace’ policies and now, even ‘curfews’.

Most importantly, 2020 seems to have also catalyzed a loss of trust in both government and the sacred belief in the so-called ‘merit-based’ architecture of financial markets and basic ‘fairness’, along with a renewed skepticism in monetary policy and the value of our money. In the meantime, “Hard Assets” and “Alternatives” like precious metals, real estate/housing, and Bitcoin prices continue to significantly appreciate. It seems that Inflationary Policy has already commenced.

2020 has also spotlighted that the world’s most valuable assets are now “digital” rather than “material”….perhaps because control of data (assets) can be easily centralized into the hands of a very select (and very large) few mega-corporations?

In fact, it has become increasingly clear that the stark line that once divided our digital and real-life/material experiences NO LONGER EXISTS. What we do digitally today affects our daily experiences (today). It influences what we buy. It impacts what debates and opinions we are even exposed to. And yes, even the news and advertising we see. With the new digital reality we all face, it increasingly appears that we are rapidly losing whatever semblance of ‘Fair Balance’ to our own viewpoints we still enjoy, thus altogether cancelling our ability to comprehend (and possibly even empathize with) countervailing perspectives and viewpoints…..

I believe the time has now come that WE (THE PEOPLE) must reclaim our rights over our digital lives OR WE RISK losing whatever Sovereignty over our daily (real) lives we even have left.

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